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Little-Known WiFi Device the ‘Best Kept Secret’ in Tech?

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Summary: With over 75,000 units sold worldwide, this device is the best way to eliminate “dead spots” and get equally strong internet coverage inside and outside the house.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wander around the house with your phone in the air, searching for that “magic spot” where you can stream, download, and browse without interruption.

Don’t you think that in 2021, you shouldn’t have to deal with that anymore?

ExtendTecc upgrades your home to the 21st century with more reliable, farther-reaching WiFI than ever before. And it saves you tons of money!

What is it?


ExtendTecc was invented by a small group of engineers from Silicon Valley. They used to work for a “big wig” internet company, and were disgusted at how the company was ripping off their customers (especially seniors) by making them buy expensive premium packages, and still have tons of dead spots.

You see, most routers these days max out at 150 feet (46 m) of coverage. This is a small range, and it often results in little to no connection on the second floor, basement, garage, deck, shed, and backyard.

ExtendTecc is a plug-in device that amplifies your WiFi signal and broadcasts it into every square inch of your home. You get equally smooth, fast internet anywhere you are inside or outside the house.

Now you can work on the back deck, study in the garden, do projects in the garage or the basement, and stream music in the backyard, all without any lags or dropouts.

What makes it so popular?


It all comes down to the high-powered “super” antenna.

The antenna picks up passing WiFi signals, amplifies them, and re-broadcasts the boosted signals throughout the house. This effectively multiplies the connection range, and allows the signal to reach the corners of your home that were previously impenetrable.

And it does all of this without losing speed! In fact, you can stream HD movies, download content, play games, and browse the internet with remarkable speeds up to 300Mbps (depending on your service), anywhere inside or just outside your house.

ExtendTecc is changing the face of internet technology in 2021. Many people are even angry that they’ve gone so long with sub-par internet coverage in their own homes. Even high-end Tech Magazines are calling it the “best kept secret in tech”.

How can ExtendTecc make my internet faster/amplify my internet coverage?

Place the repeater in the optimal location


When the WiFi signal transmits through your router, it starts off with peak strength, and slowly diminishes speed as it expands - similar to ripples in water. The result is that by the time the signal reaches the room you’re in, it’s too weak to load any pages.

ExtendTecc grabs the weakening signals and boosts them back up again, allowing them to re-broadcast farther out with their beginning strength and speed. You’ll get much faster, much stronger internet in areas of your home you never thought possible.

How does ExtendTecc save me money?


You would think after spending all that money on a premium WiFi service, you should be able to use smooth internet anywhere in your home, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it is for most people. The expensive premium packages from greedy internet companies don’t actually do anything to the WiFi’s range of coverage.

ExtendTecc solves this problem.

You don’t have to spring for the pricier internet service to get “better” internet. ExtendTecc does it for you! The device works on a low-cost, basic internet connection and amplifies the range for a better, premium experience. You can finally have the full-range internet you’d expect to have in 2021 - for only pennies on the dollar!

Don’t let them rip you off anymore.

What are the cutting-edge features of ExtendTecc?


It turns your entire home into a high-functioning internet hub!

  • Enhance Internet Coverage: Boost the range of your WiFi signal with speeds up to 300Mbps (on 2.4GHz band)
  • Smooth, Fast Internet in all corners: Say good-bye to buffering, lagging, or dropouts due to dead zones - enjoy your internet connection without interruption!
  • Easy Set-up: You don’t have to be a “techy” to make it work. Simply plug it in and start extending your WiFi right out of the box.
  • Fully Compatible: ExtendTecc fits with most routers and gateways.
  • Ultra-Extended Reach: Bring dead spots back to life and experience high-speed internet in the basement, garage, backyard, and garden.
  • Classy, Discrete Design: ExtendTecc plugs neatly into the wall. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • No Device Limit: Your entire family can take work calls, do Zoom meetings, play games, and stream movies all at the same time.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most internet service providers charge you $60 - $100 per month for internet that doesn’t even cover your entire home. Just think about it - an average of $75/month for 12 months is almost $1,000 - and you don’t even get full range!

Do you think that’s fair?

Of course not!

ExtendTecc only costs $99.90, and you only buy it once. That’s already a huge steal.

But right now the company is offering our readers an exclusive 50% OFF discount, making the price only $49.95!

Just think. Strong, powerful, reliable WiFi in every corner of your home, for a fraction of the cost!

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How can ExtendTecc be so affordable?

The team at ExtendTecc started off at a big-name company. They were disgusted with the practice there of ripping off their customers. For this reason, they’ve made a commitment to reducing costs from billboard advertising, big factories, and expensive high-rise offices, passing the honest savings directly onto you, their customers.

Where can I buy ExtendTecc?

In order to get the authentic, American-owned ExtendTecc Booster, you should go directly to their website with our exclusive link. Keep in mind this is the only link that will apply the 50% OFF discount, which will end soon.

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WARNING: Many tech companies out there have caught on to the success of ExtendTecc, and are attempting to copy the patented boosting technology. These cheap ripoffs use outdated signal broadcasting technology that actually slows down your internet speed. Do not trust any device that isn’t purchased directly from the company’s website.

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